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Atualizado: 29 de set. de 2022

ABC CoLAB is a multidisciplinary research, innovation and development institution whose purposes are the promotion and exercise of Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives and activities oriented towards the development of integrated solutions for aging and rejuvenation and development of products, services and solutions derived from or based on these activities, aimed at the market, through scientific support and technological innovation, enhancing the creation of value and qualified scientific employment.

At the signing of the constitution of ABC COLAB, on July 29, 2022, the following were present:

The objective of ABCoLAB is to promote research and knowledge that allow the assessment and development of active and healthy aging, adapting priorities and the type of responses in the areas of health, social action, education and lifelong training, work and cultural and civic participation depending on the territory, the needs and dynamics of the population.

What is the purpose of a collaborative Laboratory and what is the procedure for awarding the title of CoLAB?

Regulation no. 486-A/2017 defines and establishes the rules for the procedure for awarding the title and designation of Collaborative Laboratory – CoLAB and defines its main objective: “to create directly and indirectly qualified and scientific employment in Portugal through the definition and implementationof research and innovation agendas oriented towards the creation of economic and social value…”.

Premivalor Consulting's intervention in the application phase focused, above all, on the economic-financial component of integrating the scientific agenda and the products and services to be made available by ABC COLAB in the Business Model and subsequently in the Economic-Financial Model. This is a critical component, given that one of the criteria for evaluating applications for a Collaborative Laboratory is its economic sustainability, and the origin of COLAB funds from the market must represent no less than 1/3 of the total funds.

PremiValor Consulting integrates and will support the future development of ABC COLAB, which is intended to be a reference at national and international level.

As PremiValor Consulting developed the 1st edition of the Observatório da Natalidade e Avelhecimento em Portugal (ONEP), and being aware that population aging will continue to accelerate in the coming years and taking into account the scientific agenda of the ABC COLAB and the products and services to be made available by ABC COLAB it is with great enthusiasm that we participate in this new challenge that is expected to make an important contribution to citizens and organizations both nationally and internationally.

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