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H2O & Sustainability



H2O & Sustainability Innovation HUB ( is an innovation ACCELERATOR related with WATER, SUSTAINABILITY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY, involving Universities, Research Centers and reference Companies/Organizations in an integrated ecosystem of collaboration.

The H2O & SUSTAINABILITY INNOVATION HUB aims to revolutionize the world of technology and sustainability by harnessing the power of AI, Digital Transformation, Big Data, IoT, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the emerging Metaverse.

Our mission is to drive positive change and create sustainable solutions that address the global challenges of water scarcity, environmental conservation, and social impact.

H2O & Sustainability Innovation HUB fosters the acceleration of Scientific/Academic Innovation by launching a yearly CALL FOR PROJECTS to reference international UNIVERSITIES, RESEARCH CENTERS and STARTUPS to develop innovative projects in strategic areas in the Water, Sustainability and Circular Economy sectors with high potential for implementation and to foster STARTUP development.

This innovation HUB has the following objectives:

  • To set up a bottom-up knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities, research centers and reference organizations/companies;

  • To promote wiser attitudes towards the water use and reduce water loss in the water supply and distribution systems (urban, industrial and agriculture);

  • To improve the efficiency of wastewater management and treatment systems and decrease the effects of water scarcity during dry seasons;

  • To allow projects to be carried out as close to the reality of the sector as possible, within the aim of promoting wiser attitudes towards waste management and global sustainability;

  • To attract direct investment, focusing on innovation in sustainability and circular economy entrepreneurship,  internationalization, IoT and Digital Transformation.

  • Position Portugal as an international reference in innovation and technology in key development sectors.

  • Promote a Scientific and Technological Pole in Portugal for the Water, Sustainability and Climate Change Sector.

  • Leverage National Sustainability Plans and attract Direct Investment with a view to developing projects in the areas of:

    • Water, sustainability and circular economy

    • Climate change

    • Sustainable tourism


Steering Committee
Prof. Telmo Vieira
Dr. Rita Vasconcelos
Scientific Committe
Prof. Hoori Aiami
Alexandra Plesu.jpg
Prof. Alexandra Plesu Popescu
Maria Alonso.jpg
Prof. Maria Almudena Ordóñez Alonso
Prof. Carmona Rodrigues
Manuela Simões.jpg
Prof. Manuela Simões
Prof. Clemente Pedro Nunes
Manuela da Silva.png
Prof. Manuela Moreira da Silva
Advisory Board
Eng. Nuno Brôco
Derene Allen
Joao Carlos Silva.jpg
João Carlos Silva
Shomit Ghose
Mentors Board
Thomas Maier
Nuno Pereira
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