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Image by Shahadat Rahman

INNCYBER Innovation HUB is an ACCELERATOR for fostering innovation on cybersecurity involving Universities, Research Centers, Armed Forces, Security Forces and Reference Companies/Organizations in security industry in an integrated ecosystem.

Our main objectives are to set up a bottom up knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities, research centers, armed forces, security forces and reference organizations/companies, to incorporate state of the art academic research into organizations and achieve competitive advantage and better cyber attacks protection through innovation (open innovation approach), and to leverage the complementary value added solutions of the different INNCYBER partners to sell services and solutions in the cybersecurity area (in addition to other technology-based areas) to client organizations in sectors such as health, banking and insurance, critical infrastructures, transports, etc.

All of which will be done while focusing mainly on:

  • Digital Transformation;

  • IoT (Internet of Things);

  • Cybersecurity, Cyberdefense and Cyber Resilience.

Learn more on the INNCYBER HUB website.

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