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Participation requirements

Students Category

Groups can be composed of 2 to a maximum of 4 students of Graduation, Post-graduation or Master at universities or Institutes.

Doctorates Category

Doctorates, doctorate students.

Participation can be individual or in groups up to 5 members


Students Category

1st Prize

The winning team project 

will be awarded a prize of

10,000 EUR

2nd Prize

The 2nd place team project 

will be awarded a prize of

5,000 EUR

3rd Prize


The 3rd place team project 

will be awarded a prize of

2,500 EUR

Doctorates Category

1st Prize

The winning project will be awarded a prize of an amount equivalent to

5,000 EUR

All participating groups will receive a participation certificate or finalist certificate (if applicable) with the objective to recognize and award their efforts with the projects.

Themes of the projects

Âncora 2

EDPR University Challenge is an academic contest that seeks to stimulate the university community by giving students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to business practices of a subject or project in the areas of Engineering, Administration, Economics, Marketing... It is international in scope and allows the participation of university students of various nationalities. Students from universities in: Spain, France, Italy and Belgium may enroll.

All projects to be developed must be oriented towards renewable energy and sustainability. Here are some examples of themes:

- Hydrogen as an energy source of the future;

- Development of new storage systems: Storage;

- Potential use of offshore wind energy;

- Development of micro-cogeneration equipment: Improvement of existing systems in the market;

- Development of projects related to sustainability, and how this concept can be applied to companies;

- Development of Hybrid projects: e.g. Wind + Solar PV;

- Study of innovative technological solutions or in process of development for the most efficient use of sources renewable energy;

- Development of a business model for the launch of new products associated with renewable energies (Biomass, Wind, Hydro, Solar);

- Preparation of a communication plan for advertising campaigns awareness about the benefits of energy renewable;

- Development of the concept "sustainable city";

- Study and development of mobility solutions that involve the use of vehicles propelled by renewable energies (projects may contemplate a component of engineering, administration and direction of companies (Business), marketing or just some (s) of the mentioned components;

- Stakeholder management.


Final date for Registrations

Submission of the follow-up questionnaire

August 11th 2023

Final date for Project Delivery

Award Ceremony

September 1st 2023

July 31st 2023

September / October 2023

Project Development / Project Control Phases







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