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Cybersecurity Executive Program Network Meeting

Atualizado: 29 de set. de 2022

Cybersecurity, as has been seen this year, is a very impactful topic for both companies and citizens. According to the latest Risks and Conflicts report published by the National Cybersecurity Center, phishing/smishing, cyberattacks that exploit human factor vulnerabilities, accounted for 40% of incidents recorded in 2021.


This worry meets the objectives of the INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB, an innovation accelerator in the area of cybersecurity that involves universities, research centers, armed forces and reference organizations in an integrated ecosystem of collaboration, with Altice, Altice Labs, EDP, PwC and PremiValor Consulting as partners, which aims to promote cybersecurity knowledge and awareness among executives, employees, students and the general population.

In this scope, a webinar was held this month as part of the 3rd Edition of the INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB, where topics related to cybersecurity in critical infrastructures and OT (Operational Technology) were addressed by specialists in the area, namely Eng. Alcino Lavrador, General Director of Altice Labs, Eng. Luís Fernandes, Senior Manager - Risk Assurance Services at PwC Portugal, Eng. Paulo Pádua, Cybersecurity Sales Director at Siemens, Eng. Carlos Abad, Senior Manager of Cybersecurity at SIA CESCE and Colonel Ana Telha, Director of Communications and Information Systems at the Portuguese Air Force.

Below you can click to watch some highlights of the webinar:

The Network Meeting

Also within the scope of the INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB, a networking event was held linked to the CYBERSECURITY EXECUTIVE PROGRAM, a cybersecurity course for executives and decision-makers with the aim of reducing the knowledge gap between technicians and decision-makers in companies, which gave rise to discussion of current cybersecurity topics among executives from various public entities, critical infrastructure companies and cybersecurity companies.

In this event participated Admiral António Gameiro Marques, General Director of GNS, Eng. Paulo Moniz, CISO of EDP, Dr. Magda Cocco of VdA Vieira de Almeida, Captain Fernando Braz de Oliveira, Head of Marketing and Business Development of EDISOFT, Eng. José Luís Freitas, Sales Manager - Aerospace and Security at EDISOFT, Eng. Luís Arega Lopes, Superior Technician of the Metropolitano de Lisboa, Eng. Paulo Pádua, Cybersecurity Sales Director at Siemens, Dr. Mafalda Dias, Large Accounts and Public Sector Director at Vodafone, Dr. Frederico Abecassis, Business Development Manager at Vodafone, Dr. Pedro Torres, General Director of Lazarus Tech, Dr. Paula Carioca and Dr. Odete Rodrigues. On the side of PremiValor Consulting and INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB participated Rita Vasconcelos, director, André Barata and Telmo Vieira, Managing partner.

This event took place at Messe da Marinha de Cascais, for which we would like to thank Commander Rogério Saraiva Rodrigues, director of Messe de Cascais, and his team for the excellent organization and the way they received all participants. Thank you to Commander Fernando Brás de Oliveira for making the event more dynamic.

Networking meeting on cybersecurity topics to be repeated!


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